Care Guide

We care about you and our products—therefore, we wish for you to take proper care for any given product purchased with us. To help ensure our pieces’ long-lastingness and best shape, follow the below list of recommendations and advice to guide you.


Since all our products are finely knitted, they can be sensitive to pull-outs, in most cases caused by pointy objects, e.g., keychains or jewelry. For this reason, we recommend removing all jewelry before handling our products. Items such as laptop sleeves, wallets, or other types of products with metallic zippers may cause holes due to their sharp edges.

Please note that pull-outs or holes caused by the aforementioned events will not be considered a defect in the product.


Most of our products can be machine-washed in a laundry bag with similar colors. Nonetheless, make sure to read through the instructions for your purchased item on its designated product page. Products with hand-embroidered applications require special care from a dry cleaning service.


If you decide to alter parts of your product, make sure to get in contact with a tailor experienced in knitwear. Cutting in knitwear will cause the threads to come undone, resulting in a difficult and time-consuming repair.


Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any doubts or questions on how to take care of your A. ROEGE HOVE product at